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Things to keep in mind when investing in commercial kitchen supplies

If you are about to start a new restaurant business it can be an exciting time. However it can also tend to get a bit overwhelming when you have to think about all the kitchen equipment that you would need to buy. It should be kept in mind that buying equipment for the kitchen is going to take off a major chunk of your investment. The equipment that you buy would depend upon the menu and the kind of food that is being served at restaurant. You may need to invest in coolers, microwave or oven and dishwashers as well.

Make sure you consider all of the following before investing in commercial kitchen supplies.

 Take careful measurement of the kitchen space

Although it may sound like something that is quite obvious you still need to ensure that all people do by would fit easily into your kitchen. If you do not have the proper measurements you might need to reconfigure your kitchen or even return the equipment just because you did not carry out a careful measurements. It is best to have a professional come over and measure the whole space to get a better idea.

Make a list of all the commercial kitchen supplies that you require

If you go to buy kitchen supplies without a list you may want to to add every new piece of equipment that you set your eyes upon. This is why it is wise to take a look at the existing equipment in the cage and In The End by new kitchen supplies accordingly. There are certain pieces of kitchen equipment which have a multiple function for example a combination oven doubles as a steamer or a prep station as well.

You may also need to consider the amount of money you would be spending on the kitchen supplies. Make sure that you make a budget for different pieces of equipment. You also need to consider factors like electricity and the natural gas which will be required to run the equipment.

Check up with the local building and health codes

The building codes can vary depending on the area in which the restaurant is located. The code would have an impact on how a certain piece of equipment can be used in the kitchen. You should make sure that you have reviewed the codes carefully before ordering any sort of equipment. You can even ask a building Inspector to review the plans and make sure that they are in keeping with the local codes.

Get a warranty for all the commercial kitchen supplies

The manufacturer from whom you buy the kitchen equipment should be able to provide you with the warranty. This warranty  cover repairs or replacements of the unit if it ever breaks down during the set time period. Make sure that you check out the warranty carefully and read through all the fine print before making a purchase on such an agreement.

Your kitchen should also be equipped with the necessary power outlets to accommodate all the commercial hospitality equipment. Most of these require outlets and even if you have smaller pieces you still need to make sure that the equipment aligns with the power sources in your kitchen.

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