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Why you should consider investing in a pontoon jetty

A pontoon jetty is a versatile watercraft. You can spend your time fishing or enjoying a lovely morning with your loved ones. In fact you can even use a high power engine on a pontoon jetty to increase its speed to enjoy some water sports. Its versatility is the number one reason why it is so popular. Even if you are about to purchase a boat for the first time a pontoon jetty would be an ideal choice.

Reasons for buying a pontoon jetty

The first reason for buying a pontoon jetty is the ideal amount of space which it provides you with. It is one boat which allows you to go on long trips with friends or loved ones. The wide deck of the pontoon allows you to accommodate quite a number of people without having to worry about talking over falling into the water.

The extra space on the pontoon can be utilized for a number of things. For example some people refer to build a storage box on the pontoon Deck. This way they can store all the essential equipment like fishing rods hand hooks without having to worry about its safety. On the other hand the ample space of the Deck can also be used to build a cabin. It comes in handy especially if you prefer spending over night on the water.

Pontoons are ideal for families with kids. On the pontoon there is ample space for them to walk around and play. They can fish, simply enjoy the ride and have a good time. A traditional boat has a limited seating capacity on the other hand a pontoon can easily accommodate 10 to 12 people. If you are on an outing with family you can even invite your kids friends so  that you get to spend time with your kids and their friends.

The pontoon is the ultimate fishing or ski boat. This is because it is easy to maneuver and it’s big platform allows for easy fishing and skiing as well. A pontoon is usually made of good quality aluminum. However you wouldn’t have to worry about its durability. The shape of the pontoon allows them to be maintenance free. If you are driving a ski boat you would have to towel off the boat after every use.

Another good thing about the pontoon is that it is easy to customize. This way you do not have to invest in a new board if you want to make any improvements. Also the pontoon has even weight distribution so that you do not have to worry about beaching.

Pontoon boats are also quite comfortable. In fact it is considered to be one of the most comfortable water crafts. You can choose to do a number of activities on the phone tone because of the stability that it offers. You can even have a full bbq right on the boat.

Make sure you have a detailed talk with the boat manufacturer before you build a pontoon jetty.

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