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Researchers and academicians have written many books on the environment. They have presented facts and information about the environment. They have written about their findings of the environment and have stressed the importance of protecting it. If you have some leisure time and would like to read some good books on the environment, here are some suggestions.


The Hidden Life of Trees

By – Peter Wohlleben

The author of this book has spent most of his life studying trees. He has managed a beech forest in Germany and Belgium. Here the author talks about the social network trees share. You will know about the various threats to the survival of trees and the importance of protecting forests.



The Running Hare: The secret life of farmland

By – John Lewis-Stempel

Modern day farming process impacts the environment in many ways. Here the author tells how the new method of farming is affecting the wildlife, flowers, and birds. He explains how traditional method of farming can help to preserve nature.



The Death and Life of the Great Lakes

By – Dan Egan

The Great Lakes consist of 20% of the fresh water supply. These lakes are now under threat. This book is about the problems that these lakes are facing.


Climate of Hope

By – Michael Bloomberg, Carl Pope

The book tells about the importance of taking action against climate change. The authors talk about solutions that can make the world healthier to live in.

These books will make you more informed about the various environmental issues that are affecting our planet. You will know   what steps you should take to protect it