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Causes of White Smoke from Car

Not everybody who owns a vehicle is knowledgeable enough to know when the vehicle needs services. That is why car experts advise that you should service your car after a particular period of usage regardless of whether it has shown any problem or not. Nonetheless, some simple faults should show you that your vehicle is not doing fine. For instance, white smoke.

Probably, you’ve seen some cars producing white smoke on the roads. What always runs in your mind? To some people, this is an obvious thing. But, there is a reason for it. In most cases, the cause may be simple, and it might not cause much trouble. However, in certain cases, it may have severe implications on your vehicles.

It is vital for every driver to understand what white smoke means. This article focuses on the major causes of white smoke and how well you can prevent or remove them.

Typical white smoke results from condensation build-up within the exhaust system, and it can be a problem depending on its thickness.

Main causes

Broken fuel pumping injection

This problem occurs in cars that use diesel. If you start your vehicle, and you see white smoke, then there is a problem with the fuel pump injection timing. If this problem persists, your car may be in much trouble.

The best way out of this problem is to change or repair the fuel pump injection. But before you think of replacing or repairing it, it is vital that you consult an experienced mechanic to avert serious problems.

Leaking coolant

Leaking coolant is another cause of white smoke. To know that it is a leaking cooling, your car will produce white smoke while running, but when you start it, you do not see the white smoke.

The fundamental reason behind this is that the coolant burns while the car is running. Nonetheless, if your vehicle doesn’t have coolant, it may heat up and give out the white smoke. Essentially, when your vehicle is running at a higher temperature, it might lead to something severe. Always check on the level of the coolant. Insufficient coolants lead to building up of temperatures, a detrimental state for your car. To fix the leaking coolant, you have to look at the gasket.

The gasket is an essential part in sealing the manifold to the head. Besides, this part is critical in distributing the combustion mixture within the cylinder head. Remember, this distribution is accompanied by the distribution of the coolant to a different intake port placed on the cylinder head.

When the gasket is damaged, the coolant flows into the combustion chamber, which results in white smoke when you are driving. A driver can solve this problem by removing the intake manifold. Additional checking for rusts and leaks, and consequently fixing them, can eliminate the white smoke.

Cracked cylinder head

The cylinder head is made of aluminium and is an essential part that connects the engine block and the head gasket. Aluminium is prone to breaking when overheating occurs. A breakage in the cylinder head leads to white smoke.

If your car has a broken cylinder head, you cannot repair it. The only way out is to replace it.

There are other causes that might lead to white smoke. They include damaged fuel filter and clogged engine. Similarly, when the cylinder head is warped, you get white smoke.

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